New Construction often represents tight deadlines and logistical challenges to contractors and owners. A-Tech Roofing Ltd. has the capacity to provide clients with timely service and has the experience to work in an efficient manner without sacrifice to quality and workmanship.

Roof Replacement projects can be difficult due to buildings often remaining occupied throughout the construction process. It can often impose significant inconveniences to building occupants and we understand that tenants and building operations need to be acknowledged so that interruptions are kept to a minimum.

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs are key components to prolonging the lifespan of your roof. Our climate can be particularly harsh and will accelerate the aging process of buildings and their envelopes. A-Tech Roofing Ltd., while working in parallel with the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association guidelines, can offer investigations with reports, repairs and maintenance to help protect your investment.

A-Tech Roofing Ltd. provides services to the Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Markets. Our team of project managers are professional and very knowledgeable and have all the required tools to service these industries and to meet their specific demands. Our teams of site supervisors and their installation crews are very experienced and have all the required safety training in order to properly and safely install a roof system. A-Tech Roofing Ltd. has all that is needed to tailor to any industry project in a professional, safe and client minded manner.

A-Tech Roofing Ltd. installs all types of Roof Systems commonly used in our industry market. We specialize in Modified Bituminous Roof System (MB), Built Up Roofing (BUR) and Single Ply Systems. We are experienced in both the hot or cold applications of these systems. All our crews are versatile, well experienced and are comfortable with all systems types and applications. Therefore our workforce offer a high standard of Workmanship on all projects while adapting to the job specific conditions.